Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update Archive

 04/06/2020 - Reopening Announcement

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic provides medical treatments that help our clients in a number of ways which include reducing migraines, reducing hyperhidrosis, increasing self esteem and promoting mental well-being. Therefore, in line with this provision of medical treatments and a very stringent cross infection control policy, we deem the clinic necessary and safe to reopen from Monday 8th June 2020.

The reopening will be done with the highest regard to health and safety. Therefore we shall initially have very limited opening hours, seeing very few clients per day. Appointments will be spaced apart in order to enable thorough cleaning between clients and the range of treatments will be very limited to reduce contact between client and practitioner.

Please Note: Anybody calling the clinic now will be unable to get an appointment in the very near future. Clients who had appointments booked for our original planned opening can contact the clinic to move their appointment forward or wait for us to contact them. After this, those on our waiting list will be offered appointments. Please be patient with us while we handle the logistics of reopening.

14/05/2020 - Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic Attendance Protocol

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is still closed and planning to reopen from Monday 13th July 2020 (see last update)

At Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic, the health and safety of our clients, the general public and our staff is paramount.

In order to reduce the health risk and to run the clinic efficiently when we reopen we are going to implement the following protocol:

1. Please attend your appointment on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we reserve the right to refuse treatment. The clinic can not overrun during these times.

2. If you are early to your appointment, please wait in your car until the appointment time. Please do not congregate outside the clinic door.

3. If you see anybody walking down the drive while you are walking up the drive (and vice versa), please maintain social distancing, ideally 2 meters.

4. Please stand behind the line until the door is opened for you. The garages may occasionally be in use, please be aware of your surroundings.

5. The clinic front door will be locked the majoirty of the time and only opened to allow each client to attend their pre-arranged appointment. Please do not touch the door handle or ring the door bell.

6. Please do not wear any face makeup on the areas to be treated, but also generally on your forehead as this may give an inaccurate thermometer reading.

7. Before stepping into the clinic, each client will be screened for signs of Covid-19. Any client found to have symptoms will be declined treatment and advised to self isolate at home. Please do not attend the clinic if you are feeling unwell. Cancelling your appointment on the day for this reason will not result in a penalty.

8. Only the client will be allowed into the clinic. Children/friends/partners are not allowed into the clinic during this period.

9. Please limit the personal possessions you bring with you. The clinic may reserve the right to prevent personal items entering the treatment room.

10. Clients may be asked to wash their hands and dry them with the hand towels provided.

11. The clinic will not be serving hot or cold beverages at this time. Please attend the clinic hydrated or with your own bottle of water kept in your bag.

12. Clients should wear their own mask, scarf or mouth covering while having their treatment.

13. Only Debit/Credit card payments including Apple/Google Pay will be accepted.

We are aware that the protocol may seem overly cautious, but it simply reflects the seriousness of the situation and our duty to operate with health and safety as our priority.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this time.

We hope everybody is staying safe and well.

12/05/2020 Coronavirus/CoViD-19 Update (Important):

After further analysis of the government's reopening plan, and following more clarificaton (see link), Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic will aim to reopen in July 2020. Theoretically the opening could be from the 4th July but we are looking to factor in a small margin of error and can confirm our plan is to reopen on Monday 13th July 2020.

At this point in time it is our intention to contact clients who have had their appointments cancelled since Lockdown and offer them appointments. Clients who were booked for longer appointments such as those listed below will still have to wait for when we resume those treatments in line with our broader policy. After we have done this we will open our appointment book to other clients. It is likely we will initially place a 2 week limit on bookings, in order to make it easier to move appointments if we are not allowed to open when expected.

We shall post further updates once we have more information available.

Love from Simin, Amir, Chloe and Chris

11/05/2020 Coronavirus/CoViD-19 Update (Important):

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is still closed until further notice. The clinic will be closed until at least 1st June 2020, subject to government advice and guidelines. We would like to inform clients now that this may be an optimistic date for reopening, given the nature of our work. We will continue to update you as to when we may be able to open, as we receive more details from the government. As soon as we are able to open safely and legally, we shall do so.

Any client who has appointments booked before 1st June 2020, please be aware that your appointments are now cancelled. We will try to contact everybody to confirm this. If, for some reason, we are unable to contact you, please accept our apologies.

After Lockdown

The decision has now been taken that, once the clinic is allowed to open, we will run a reduced service in order to minimise the risk to both clients and staff. This situation will be temporary and under constant review with the aim of commencing longer treatments when safe and ethical to do so. We understand that this will be an inconvenience to many of our clients and apologise for this. 

To clarify, this means that longer appointments such as Dermal Fillers (including Vital and Lip Augmentation), IPL Treatments, Tooth Whitening, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Dermaroller will all be postponed to a later time.

On opening, we will be introducing a protocol for attending the clinic. The details of this will be made available online soon.

We hope that everybody is safe and well and that we all make it through this difficult time.

Love from Simin, Amir, Chloe and Chris

17/04/2020: Coronavirus/CoViD-19 Update (Important):

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is still closed until further notice. This closure will last until at least the 7th May 2020. Any client who has appointments booked prior to this date, please note that your appointments are now cancelled and we will try to contact everybody to confirm this. If for some reason we are unable to get hold of you, please accept our apologies.

We will continue to wait for government notification as to when it will be safe to reopen.

After Lockdown

The following advice is subject to change.

Even once we are allowed to open we may wish to run a reduced service where longer appointments, such as dermal fillers, will still be postponed until a later time.

We will also continue with our health screening of all clients who come into the clinic. If clients are showing symptoms of CoViD-19 then treatment will be postponed until a later date. Please do not attend the clinic if you have symptoms of the disease.

In order to keep the clinic as clean as possible we would also ask clients not to bring friends or children to their appointments.

Once we are open, we will initially ask that clients pay with Debit/Credit Card or Apple Pay/Google Pay rather than cash.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please remember to listen to government advice.

We hope that everybody is safe and well and that we all make it through this difficult time.

Love from Simin, Amir, Chloe and Chris

24/03/2020: Coronavirus Update (Important):

Following an order from the British Government, Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is now closed until further notice. While, as it stands, the closure is for 3 weeks, it is quite likely that this will be extended further. Therefore we are unable to give a timetable to our reopening. Unfortunately, while we are closed, we are also unable to provide a top up service.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that we all get through this and that normal service will resume in due course.

Thank you for your support over the years.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Love from all the Staff at Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic


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