Semi-Permanent Make-up Treatment

Semi Permanent Make Up before and after treatment

Semi-Permanent Make-up Treatment is a simple and effective way of eliminating that daily routine task of applying make-up.

Semi-Permanent make-up can also be used to disguise unsightly blemishes that cannot be removed by any other simple method.

The principle of semi-permanent make-up is as simple as it is effective.

Fine needles place colour pigments into the skin. A few lines of colour increase appearance or discreetly correct blemishes semi-permanently. Even small imperfections can be covered.

The result for the individual is an attractive look which will give renewed self confidence.

Semi-Permanent make-up after care

In some cases, there may be some swelling or redness of the treated area but this will soon subside.

It is possible to resume normal activities after semi-permanent make-up treatment. Instructions will be given after the treatment.

Semi-Permanent make-up can last between one and five years, by which time it would have faded. Normally retouching the colour is necessary when you feel that the micro pigmentation has become pale.

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