Acne Treatment


Different Approaches

Acne, particularly adult acne, is a difficult condition to treat. In the first instance, we would recommend any client to attend their General Medical Practitioner in order to discuss their concerns with them. It may be that, if the acne is severe enough and if there are no contraindications, the client will be placed on a course of Roaccutane. This could be described as the preferred treatment, although there can be serious side effects of the treatment and starting a course must be done so with all the information available to you.

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic does not provide Roaccutane treatment but we can help with some topical medications such as Retinol and even consider prescribing Tretinoin, though this is subject to a full consultation.

The other option is to try our SkinPulse SHR Aesthetic machine. This is the description from Cosmedico Medical System's website:

 'Treating acne with SSR or IPL technology is all about fighting the propioni bacteria that cause the inflammation and reducing the size of the sebaceous glands and the quantity of sebum they produce. Porphyrins (naturally occurring molecules in the inflamed acne) absorb light in the blue wavelength spectrum. When porphyrins absorb light in this wavelength spectrum, heat is produced. The photothermal process releases chemical substances that are able to selectively destroy the propioni bacterium.'

Ultimately, there are different approaches to the problem of acne. Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic will do our very best to help you. However, it must be made clear that it is impossible to predict the results that you will have, and that what works for somebody else, might not necessarily work for you.


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