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(NEW) 16/07/2020 - Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is Open

As per our previous update, Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is open to provide medical treatments in a safe environment with very stringent cross infection control measures.

We are very much enjoying providing a service to all our returning clients.

At the moment we are still running a reduced service, with appointments spaced apart in order to enable thorough cleaning between clients. Our main concern and priority is the health and safety of our clients, practitioners and the general public. We shall continue to run a reduced service in order to keep the risk to a minimum and gradually reintroduce treatments only once safe to do so. Currently we are not offering the following treatments:

We are in the process of testing PPE that will enable us to start offering Dermal Filler treatments to all our clients soon. If you are interested in having dermal fillers, please contact the clinic to be placed on our waiting list.

Once we are satisfied with the PPE we will begin to offer dermal filler appointments to those clients on our waiting list first.

Please be aware that once Dermal Fillers are available again there will be a £10 surcharge per treatment session to contribute to towards the cost of the PPE we need to operate safely. The surcharge is only payable on Dermal Filler treatments. Once the pandemic is over, the surcharge will be removed.

Please be patient with us at this time. We still need to run the clinic in a way that is safe for everybody and we are dealing with exceptional demand right now. Therefore, please be aware that any client contacting the clinic now is unlikely to be seen in the very near future.

For all those who have appointments booked with us, please do try to come to your appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment please call us to notify us, if possible giving us ample time to contact other clients who may wish to be seen earlier. 24 hours notice is ideal. If you, or anybody in your household, have symptoms of COVID-19, please call us and cancel your appointment. There will be no penalty for cancelling on the day for this reason. If you do not attend your appointment and have not given us prior notice, we reserve the right to fine you before being seen again at the clinic, unless you have extenuating circumstances.

If you have an appointment but you are unsure of the time and/or date, please call or contact the clinic via email/Facebook in order to confirm your appointment time and/or date.

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic Attendance Protocol (Edited 16/07/2020)

In order to reduce the health risk and to run the clinic efficiently we have implemented the following protocol:

1. Please attend your appointment on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we reserve the right to refuse treatment. The clinic can not overrun during these times.

2. If you are early to your appointment, please wait in your car until the appointment time. Please do not congregate outside the clinic door.

3. If you see anybody walking down the drive while you are walking up the drive (and vice versa), please maintain social distancing, ideally 2 meters.

4. Please stand 2 meters away from the door until the door is opened for you. The garages may occasionally be in use, please be aware of your surroundings.

5. The clinic front door will be locked the majority of the time and only opened to allow each client to attend their pre-arranged appointment. Please do not touch the door handle or ring the door bell.

6. Please do not wear any face makeup on the areas to be treated, but also generally on your forehead as this may give an inaccurate thermometer reading.

7. Before stepping into the clinic, each client will be screened for signs of Covid-19. Any client found to have symptoms will be declined treatment and advised to self isolate at home. Please do not attend the clinic if you or anybody in your household has had any symptoms of CoViD-19 in the last 14 days. Please do not attend the clinic if you have had any close contact or recent exposure to anybody with symptoms. Cancelling your appointment on the day for this reason will not result in a penalty.

8. Only the client will be allowed into the clinic. Children/friends/partners are not allowed into the clinic during this period.

9. Please limit the personal possessions you bring with you. The clinic may reserve the right to prevent personal items entering the treatment room.

10. Clients will be asked to clean their hands with anti-bacterial/anti-viral gel on entering the clinic. Clients may also bring their own gel so long as it is kept in their bag.

11. The clinic will not be serving hot or cold beverages at this time. Please attend the clinic hydrated or with your own bottle of water kept in your bag.

12. Clients must wear their own mask, scarf or lower face and nose covering throughout the entire time in the clinic (including the reception room). We would prefer clients to wear a mask where possible.

13. Only Debit/Credit card payments including Apple/Google Pay will be accepted.

14. The clinic's toilet facilities are going to be unavailable for the forseeable future.

15. Please be aware that during these circumstances we are unfortunately unable to engage in our usual general conversations with our clients and the appointment may seem more rushed than normal. Please do not take offence to this. This is being done in order to reduce the amount of time we are going to be spending with each client and the risk to both client and practitioner.

16. Aftercare Advice/Post Operative Instructions will not be given in clinic. We have a link at the top of this page to our Post Operative Instruction page.

17. Once treatment has been administered please wait in the reception room until the door is unlocked and opened for you.

We are aware that the protocol may seem overly cautious, but it simply reflects the seriousness of the situation and our duty to operate with health and safety as our priority.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this time.

We hope everybody is staying safe and well.

Please see the following link for previous updates:

Coronavirus/CoViD-19 Archive

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments for various needs for both women and men.

The range of cosmetic treatments that Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic provide includes:

Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), the latest technology from the Ellipse Light system, Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic use Intense Pulsed Light in:


Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic is registered to use the Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion system and has a wide range of Crystal Clear skin care products available for use in after care.


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We offer all our client's a free one to one consultation for all treatments where you will have the opportunity to discuss the treatments in full and at the same time you will be provided with a competitive price which is affordable.

Cancellation Policy and Treatment Deposits

If you are unable to attend your appointment please give us at least 24 Hours notice if possible. Frequent cancellations/non arrival will result in the charge of a cancellation fee or the request of a non refundable deposit of between £30 and £50 before booking further treatment.

For groups of clients having Lip Fillers/Botulinum Toxin treatments or individual clients having extensive treatment in a single session a deposit may be required and will be non refundable if a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice or if the client fails to attend for treatment.

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